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Preserve your memories


A picture truly does say a thousand words.   Memories sometimes fade, but capturing them in photos will stand the test of time. 


As you look at your loved ones and experience the warm feelings you have for them, capture those feelings through photos.  Look at them whenever you’d like, and cherish those feelings you have for them at any time.


Before it’s too late, preserve those memories of your loved ones – family, friends and pets, by scheduling a photo session with Silverstein Images.


Silverstein Images is all about preserving memories.

Portraits Photography, Nature Photography, Corporate Photography


People... Places... Pets...

Bert Silverstein

I’m Bert Silverstein and in my long career I’ve photographed subjects that run the gamut from people and places to pets to nature – whatever my work dictated or whatever crossed my path that intrigued me. 


In 2000, when my dad passed away, I realized more than ever how important it was to capture images before it’s too late.  I promised myself I would do just that, whether it was photographing someone or something I saw every day of my life or whether it was documenting an experience I was having for the first time.


Ever since then, I’ve come to recognize that it’s a complex set of experiences that forms us – not simply our formal education, not just walking the Earth for “X” number of years.  It’s rather the totality of these experiences.  Events can carry limited meaning when viewed one at a time.  I’ve learned that the gestalt – or “whole” – is greater than the sum of its parts and to have a photographic record of each event contributes to that gestalt.


So, I strive to see the beauty in life each time I open my eyes, and hopefully I’ve captured some of it for you to see.  I’ve photographed just about anything that moves – and many things that don’t – and the broad range of subjects you’ll find on my site is a representative cross section of my work.


I’ll keep adding, and I look forward to helping you preserve your memories.

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